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How do I order cookies?

When orders open, you can place an order through the SHOP tab of the website. This feature will only be available at the preselected time that I've announced on my Instagram. You can add cookies to your cart and pay through the site. Orders are LIMITED, so once they sell out, you will not be able to place an order.
  • Make sure your shipping address is correct when ordering. Once your order is placed we will not make any changes to your order and we are NOT responsible for your cookies going to the wrong place. No refunds will be issued.
  • We have an 8-12 day turnaround time on all orders NOT INCLUDING HOLIDAYS OR WEEKENDS.
  • Once your order is shipped you will receive tracking information to the email address you provided, so make sure to check that is correct as well.

How much is shipping?

Shipping 8 cookies or less: $17
Shipping more than 8 cookies $24 (These are the prices for the 2 day flat rate shipping boxes for the USPS.) These boxes are required due to the size of our cookies and wanting your order to arrive in the best condition. 

We do not offer local pickup at this time. 


Can you make gluten-free or vegan cookies?

While we occasionally offer gluten-free and/or vegan cookies on our menu, these options are not always available.

What is the minimum order?

A minimum of four cookies is required for shipping. Since we offer our cookies only as packs, you can purchase as many packs as you wish. 

Where do you ship to?

Anywhere in the U.S.

Can I freeze my cookies and eat them later?

Our cookies have a shelf life of about 10 days, or they can be frozen and enjoyed later. However, we always recommend ordering them fresh (especially post-show treats) because FRESH COOKIES are the best. If you are saving them for later, you can reheat your cookies in the oven at 350° for 5-8 minutes. You can also microwave them for 20 seconds.

How much does an order of cookies cost?

Cookies cost between $12-13 per cookie based on fillings, topping, etc. These are LARGE COOKIES. 

Where are you located? Do you have a storefront?

We are located in Metarie, LA. No storefront yet, but pickup is available for local orders.​
**Once your order is submitted, we will send you an email with a specific date and time for pickup.

How many different kinds of cookies can I order?

You can mix and match your box with whichever flavors you'd like. The exception to this is for specialty boxes—see order details on my Instagram for specific notes about each ordering period.

Are your cookies diet-friendly, low carb or low sugar?


How long does it take for me to get my order?

We have an 8-12 BUSINESS day turnaround on all orders.
Cookies are shipped fresh daily and worth the wait.

Can I order cookies in advance for a special event?

We do not do custom orders. You can email us to see if it's possible for certain dates however it is not PROMISED we will be able to accommodate extra orders. 
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